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Are you tired of your beer gut? Take action with our program and flatten your belly fast It's gut-check time! You may harmlessly joke amongst your beer drinking buddies "why learn how to lose a beer gut and sport a six-pack when you can settle for a keg instead", but deep down we know you're not proud of it.

You don't like the way it looks, women find it a turn off, your clothes don't fit as they once did and its the precursor to a whole host of life-threatening diseases like diabetes, stroke and high cholesterol - just to name a few. In short, a beer belly is a classic sign that your body chemistry is seriously out of wack and in need of a lifestyle overhaul.

THE REALITY: That beer belly you have slowly grown accustom to is poisoning your body and decreasing your quality of life. But enough scary stuff, it's clear that by landing on this page you're motivated to make the change and banish your gut for good. So, here's the deal - we'll provide the blueprints to help you trade in your keg for a wobble-free waistline, it's down to you to make it happen. Let's get started!

To Shrink Your Gut, Simply Stick To These 5 Fat-Fighting Strategies

The Battle Of The Bulge: Energy In VS. Energy Out

Consider this scale the battle ground to demolishing your gut for good. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Balance the two sides of the scale and your weight stays the same. A swing to right hand-side where you expend more calories than you take in through your diet will cause your body to seek out and burn fat while the flip side will cause you start piling on the pounds.

But before you slap a padlock on your fridge and wear-out your runners, CONSIDER THIS: The ticket to permanent gut reduction doesn't start with starving yourself. While you may lose flab at first, fasting actually decreases the activity of the enzymes that release fat from the cells. What's more, the only thing you'll lose with of endless bouts of long, boring cardio is your motivation.

THE SOLUTION: If you want to shrink your belly and find your abs, you have to burn the fat covering them. Not with a self-powered liposuction machine or bogus shakes & pills. But with a practical, well-balanced action plan made up of smart strategies that harness the best of both worlds - diet & exercise. To kick-start your midsection make over follow these guidelines. In the meantime we trust you'll lay of the beer, or at least substitute in a lighter alternative.

A Flat Belly Faster With The Cardio Revolution 

CONSIDER THIS: Regular bouts of cardio training play a critical role in whipping your beer belly into shape. But, it doesn't have to involve the mind-numbing thought of grinding away on the treadmill for an hour. You see, a wise person always seeks to maximise their profits from a minimum investment of their time and this is where interval training reveals it's power to you.

Turbocharge Your Results With Interval TrainingForget about long, boring 'steady-state' cardio sessions, this turbo-charged training style calls for you to crank up the intensity with short, sharp high intensity bursts of activity and then ease back for a minute or two of active recovery.

HERE'S WHY IT WORKS: When high-intensity intervals are separated by balanced recovery periods, each new bout begins with a lack of ready-to-burn energy to fuel your muscles. The result? Your body seeks out and burns stored fat for fuel while reaping tremendous cardiovascular benefits.    

AND IT GETS BETTER! Interval training kicks your fat-burning metabolism into high gear by creating a longer calorie AFTER-BURN -- one that can last right up to your very next workout! And second, it keeps your workouts short, which means you have the time to get on with the rest of your busy life outside the gym.

Interval Training Example: 30 seconds high intensity, 1 minute slow jog, repeat 10-15 timesYou can tap into these benefits any way you want - cycling, jogging, skipping - whatever your style . Just stick the same stop-start high to low intensity  principles. Ready to take it up a notch? Simply adjust your  work to rest ratio to ramp up the challenge.

Create A Gut-Busting Firestorm Inside The Gym! 

Unleash Your Muscles To Fire-Up Your MetabolismYour muscles have a fierce appetite, and in order to keep themselves well-fed, they want to burn the calories you take in through your diet. THE RESULT: The more muscle you have, the faster your fat-burning metabolism and the easier it will be to keep your waistline in check - in the gym, on the job and while you chill out.

But before you hit the gym and head over to the ab-crunch mat for another round of crunches, checkout our plan to help you separate the winners from the losers when it comes to exercises that blast belly fat best. You may just discover they're the best exercises you're not doing!

While isolation moves (which target one muscle group) like the ab crunch are great for adding eye-popping definition, THEY DON'T BURN MUCH FAT. Instead, until you've demolished your gut, your focus should be on working large muscle groups -- your legs, back and chest -- because this is where you can build the most muscle and force your body to churn through the most calories.

Use Multi-Muscle Moves, Not Isolation Exercises To Flatten Your Gut FasterWhat's more, when you target more muscle you turbo-charge your metabolism by creating a potent CALORIE AFTER-BURN effect which lasts long after you've racked the weights. The result? A flat belly on autopilot.

To hit many different muscles at the same time and get out of the gym pronto, focus on using exercises like the squat, pull-up, lat pull-down, leg press, bent-over row, shoulder press & dumbbell chest-press.

Not only do these exercises make your workouts more fun & challenging, they increase the demands on your muscles - even though you're not actually doing more work. (i.e. the squat hits a whopping 256 muscles with just one movement!). Greater muscle demand also triggers more human growth hormone - a potent fat burner.

JUST STARTING OUT? NO PROBLEM. If the only curls you've done recently is with a beer can in your hand, don't worry if you're unfamiliar working with weights. You can reap these benefits by lifting any amount of weight you're comfortable with -- whether it be a pair of light dumbbells or simply using your own bodyweight as resistance (i.e. push-up, dip, squat, lunge and step-up). In fact, combining just a few of these equipment-free multi-muscle moves  creates a gut-busting workout you can take with you ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! By applying these strategies (about) 3 times per week you'll  quickly grow stronger, boost your metabolism and exchange flab for lean muscle.


Checkout the video below to le arn the best workout strategies that harness the power of high intensity interval training with exercise guru Craig Ballantyne. IT'S SIMPLE: Follow the principles here and watch your beer gut begin to shrink!

The Best Workouts To Shrink Your Waistline


Flat Belly Success Made Easy In The Kitchen

If you stick to these workout strategies but remain a few cans shy of a six-pack, the choices you make inside and outside the kitchen may be sabotaging your success. In fact, when you break it down, 90% of your quest for a fat-free belly is ruled by the foods that pass your lips. To help you get your diet on track, just follow these two simple guidelines; you'll quickly discover that everything else is just details.

2 Rules For Flat Belly Success

Embrace The Fat

Not only is enforcing a total fat restriction in your diet impractical, it's the fastest way to deflate your motivation. After all, fat keeps you feeling full & adds flavour to your favourite foods. THE KEY: If you're burning more calories than you're taking in through your diet, your body won't store fat.

THE REASON? Your body doesn't discriminate between high fat & low fat diets, rather it focuses on total caloric intake and stores/burns fat accordingly. So while this doesn't give you the excuse to fill up on fast-food every night of the week, it does leave you free to enjoy the fats present in natural oils like olive & avocado and high-protein sources like meat, fish & low-fat dairy. BETTER YET: The moment these foods leave your fork they start winnowing your waistline and fight to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Healthy Eating

Instead of giving you the usual riff about counting calories, one of the most effective ways to get your diet on track is to CUT BACK (NOT OUT) ON SUGAR. These include the usual suspects - baked/processed goods & energy/fruit drinks. The leftovers from this sugar embargo - lean meats, fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grain bread, rice & cereals - should form the backbone of your eating plan. What's more, with these natural whole-food sources, you'll quickly discover that cooking for yourself not only provides the self assurance of using fresh & healthy ingredients, but the gateway to keeping your gut in check - for good.

The step-by-step plan you need to go from fat to flat 

A lean-belly and bill of good health doesn't come in the form of a quick-fix, it comes with a long-term, sustainable action plan built around practical, proven steps. And this is what the Truth About Abs Program is all about. WHAT TO EXPECT: Time efficient belly-busting workouts...fulfilling your appetite with fat-fighting foods...delicious, no-nonsense meal plans...It's all here. Everything you need to go from fat to flat.

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART: Test-drive the full program risk-free for 60 days and let your gut be the judge of the programs success before you decide to continue. What have you got to lose - aside from those stubborn inches. Click the banner below to get started!


Improve your health and banish your beer gut with our step-by-step solution