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Reveal your abs faster than ever with our action planLearning how to get a set of washboard abs fast isn't just about curing your belly fat emergency, it's also about changing the way you look, feel and perform physically and mentally. Slashing your risk of disease & boosting your confidence, stripping away belly fat and uncovering your abs may just be the key to uncovering an all new you - so let's get started.    

The key to kick-starting your quest to a wobble-free waistline? FAST FOOD! No, not the type you pick up at the drive-through. But with smart, well-balanced eating strategies you can and want to stick to over the long term. No fad diets, no pills or shakes, just sensible food rules that are practical and waistline-friendly.

A lean belly, after all, isn't made in the gym -- it's made in the kitchen. What you choose to put in your body is far more important than what you put into your workouts. Of course, this doesn't mean getting active on a regular basis isn't an important part of the lean-belly prescription. But if you want the fastest results, a smart eating plan is the foundation of your midsection make over. So that's why we're introducing the Abs Diet Arsenal: easy guidelines that will make you lean for life.

Nutrition is a key component to achieve six pack successWith 90% of your six-pack success ruled by the foods that pass your lips, no matter how much exercise time you devote to whittling down that fatty layer, if your abs remain hidden beneath three inches of beer and ice cream no one will ever see them. THE REALITY: If you aren’t ready to take control over the foods you eat then your vision of a tapered torso will remain out of reach.

But this doesn't mean giving up your favourite foods and starving yourself. Most bogus diet plans are all about the foods you'll cut-out and are ruled by restriction. THE SOLUTION? Rethink the way you eat. Follow the guidelines laid out below and you'll feel what it's like to eat right for your waistline, fulfil your appetite and provision your body with high-octane fuel all day, every day.

All the best things come in six's, right? Beer, six-pack's. Well, now so does our own abs diet action plan engineered to help you beat the battle of the bulge. The rule here is simple: Follow the tips, take action and start looking forward to the beach!

 6 Tips For Surefire Six-Pack Success! 

Eat Smart, Eat Often

Snacking regularly throughout the day is a great way to lose fatHow and when you receive your energy from food should be one of your top concerns if you're serious about your six pack, and yet most people fuel their body they same way they gas up their car – when it's running on empty, a red-light warning response usually triggers an unhealthy pit-stop.

THE FIX? Instead of indulging in three large square meals, try to maintain a steady influx of healthy snacks and smaller meals (about six) throughout the day. Unlike most diets, this 'more-meals-more-frequently' will help boost your body’s fat burning motor (known as your metabolism) and keep you feeling fuller for longer which reduces the likelihood of a diet-destroying binge.

FILL UP, NOT OUT! Having trouble navigating the supermarket aisles? We've got you covered. Keep reading for our quick-fix shopping list and never feel overwhelmed again! Print it out and stick it up on your fridge at home for easy reference.

Fired Up Six-Pack Foods 

Make fruit, vegetables, whole grains lean meats and low-fat dairy the centre of your dietOne of the biggest questions you'll face on your six-pack journey is what and what not to eat. So to assist with your dieting dilemmas we've assembled a shopping list of the top 20 FLAT-BELLY SUPER FOODS. The rule here is simple: Make each of these a regular staple of your everyday diet and watch your belly begin to melt away.

Packed with muscle-building protein, complex carbohydrates, heart-healthy fibre and iron, the following super foods come fully equipped to boost your metabolism, satisfy cravings and keep your energy levels stoked throughout the day. In fact, these foods are so good for you they'll just about single-handedly exchange body fat for lean muscle - providing you hit the gym too, of course. (Click the link to learn how to get a fast six pack in the gym

A Shopping List You Can't Miss: Including, nuts, eggs, potatoes, beans, whole grain bread, frozen berries, beans and seafood

Eat Breakfast!

Wake up to a heart healthy whole grain cereal every morningActing as the ignition key that jump-starts your metabolism each morning, breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day and provides the fuel your body needs to get going after a night spent in dreamland.

However, amid the morning rush, this meal is too often the first to be axed from the daily menu which can cause your metabolism to stall and prime your body to store belly fat. While it’s generally accepted that anything is better than nothing when it comes to breakfast, what you choose to eat now will set the benchmark for the rest of the day.

Checkout this short video below on how to get abs fast with the top diet strategies and tips for success which you start applying today. 

FUEL UP FAST: For a quick and healthy way to fuel up first thing, ditch the drive-through and refined-carbohydrate breakfast options (pancakes, bagels & waffles) and opt to set your alarm 10 minutes early to microwave a pack of instant oatmeal mix with ½ cup of blueberries. Low in fat/sodium and packed with long-burning fibre which helps lower bad cholesterol and regulate blood-sugar levels, this top-rated breakfast food will keep you energised and feeling full which means you’ll be less likely to overeat during the day.

Whip Up A Fruit Salad For A Heart Healthy BreakfastAlternatively, if oats aren’t your thing, a protein based breakfast of eggs on whole-wheat toast with a few sausage links, a piece of fresh fruit or a whole-grain cereal topped with low-fat milk/yoghurt are equally great ways to fuel up first thing. 

Scientific evidence clearly shows that people who routinely skip their morning meals are significantly more likely to sport a bulging-belly, so remember to tuck in and eat after you rise. 

Wrap It & Pack It

Pack Your Lunch From The Night Before For A Waistline Friendly Meal To GoWith a large part of your time committed to your day job, be it perched behind a desk or labour-intensive, arming yourself with a portable cooler to transport your six-pack super foods makes for a great investment.

WHAT TO TAKE: Packing last night’s leftovers with some healthy snacks is a great way to keep your body primed and fuelled throughout the day without over-indulging or reaching for the vending machine. In fact, this pre-prepared daily routine should become as much a part of your morning ritual as showering if you’re serious about getting washboard abs.

Grab A Smoothie!

Standing in as the ultimate on-the-go fuel, smoothie's are formulated as nutritional magic bullets which require little time to prepare and make for effective meal substitutes and potent snacks anytime of the day.

SMOOTH OPERATOR: Ideal if you're stretched for time, the ready-to-blend ingredients of fresh fruit, oatmeal (uncooked, instant), low-fat yoghurt/ice-cream & milk, peanut butter, and whey protein powder will help to satisfy your taste buds while providing the nutrients needed to keep your waistline in check. Mix and match the ingredients to suit your taste, but use ice, milk/yoghurt and a flavoured whey protein powder as the base.

Here are two ready-to-blend power-drink recipes to get you started. Simply throw the ingredients into a blender, hit the button, blend to a smooth & creamy texture and enjoy. Chug one of these for breakfast or before or after your workout for a delicious high-energy body boost to build muscle, burn fat, and help your heart in less than one minute!


Smoothie Recipes. Banana Boost (ingredients include banana, vanilla yoghurt, milk, orange juice and protein powder) and Very Berry (ingredients include oatmeal, frozen berries, milk, water and protein powder)

Top-Up Your Fluids

Keep Your Fluids Topped Up & Stay Hydrated 24/7 To Manage Your MiddleWhile water often bears the rap of bland and boring, it plays a critical role in keeping your metabolism ticking over and transporting nutrients to the working muscles. However, these benefits are too often overlooked in favour of alcohol and sugar-laden soft drinks which offer little nutritional value to redeem their purchase.

In fact, unlike water which helps to keep you feeling full, the empty calories in alcohol do nothing to decrease the amount of food you eat and can actually prime your body to STORE BELLY FAT. This alcohol-fuelled downward spiral is further heightened in men through the impairment of testosterone production - a critical hormone that burns body fat and builds/maintains lean-muscle.

But, by guzzling around 6 glasses of chilled H20 from the moment you rise and nixing your alcohol intake (or at least, limiting yourself to two or three drinks per week), you can counteract these adverse effects and boost your metabolism. REMEMBER: What we interpret as hunger is often thirst, so keeping a water bottle with you during the day is a great way to stay hydrated. Alternatives like Green tea and low-fat milk are great too.

Your Key to Six-Pack Success

If you truly want a set of abs you can be proud of, the importance of understanding and following sound nutritional principles cannot be overlooked. The key is to possess the flexibility and freedom to keep your energy levels stoked throughout the day and the self-assuring knowledge you can eat well anywhere, anytime. And this is where the Truth About Abs program comes into play.

It's a step-by-step program (for men & women) where you'll enjoy delicious fat-burning, fun workouts (no crunches necessary)...the motivation to keep you on track + much more. Consider it your one-stop resource for six-pack success. Why not try it risk-free for 60 days right now! Just click the banner below to get started!

Change the way you look, live and feel - get 6 pack abs fast