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Man and woman showing their abdominalsAs busy men and women juggling work and family commitments, finding the time to get in shape and banish that stubborn roll around your middle can often take a back seat. After all, sporting a wobble-free midriff is reserved only for those who frequent flashy gym's and can afford their own personal trainer, right? Wrong.

Sure the gym-scene has it's benefits, but why put up with costly memberships, queue's for equipment, sharing sweaty gym mats and the inconvenience of travel when your dream of making over your middle can be achieved from the comfort and privacy of your very own home!

All the information you need to learn how to get abs without specialist equipment or stepping foot inside the gym is right here. Below we have rounded up a potent blend of the best tips that maximise your at-home environment to strip fat and flatten your belly, plus the step-by-step blueprints you need to guarantee six-pack success. What are you waiting for? GET STARTED BELOW!

What you need to consider before you begin your exercise plan

Dumbells and a swissballs are great, inexpensive pieces of equipment you can useWhile it's well within your grasp to carve a washboard waistline without any equipment, looking to invest in an affordable pair of adjustable dumbbells and a Swiss-ball will go a long way in supporting your journey to a fat-free belly.

Without breaking the bank, these basic tools will open up a variety of unique exercise combinations that will keep your workout feeling fresh and continually challenge your body.

HOWEVER: If getting your hands on these tools proves out of your reach - stay cool, the tips and strategies here for flat-belly success don't discriminate and are geared to work in any situation. Each is designed with your at-home environment in mind and can be used anywhere, anytime. This all starts with getting outdoors for a healthy dose of cardio training.

Change your cardiovascular routine to accommodate interval training

Couple out running along the beachAlthough you may not have access to a treadmill, cross-trainer or the air-conditioned comfort of the fitness studio, this is no excuse to ditch your all-important cardio training. Not only will regular bouts of cardio help you see your abs sooner, it'll boost your mood and keep your heart and lungs in top shape.

AND IT GETS BETTER: Exercising while exposed to bright natural light has been proven to boost your ability to torch visceral fat - the stuff that 'sticks' to your inner organs and contributes to belly fat and other metabolic diseases like diabetes. The take-home message? Exercise in the sun (just don't forget the hat & sunscreen!).

SO, WHAT CARDIO IS BEST: Answer: Any! The rule here is simple: The more you move, the more you stand to lose. Think of your body as bank; Spend (exercise) more than you earn (eat) and your account begins to shrink. The same principle applies to your waistline. Running, swimming, & cycling are great and each contribute to your body-bank withdrawals.

BUT, HOLD ON: Before you lace up your trainers and head out for a long, gruelling session of pavement pounding, maximise your results by first reading-up on interval training. You see, a wise person always seeks to maximise their blubber-busting efforts for a minimum investment of their time. And this is where applying interval training during your activities reveals it's power and practicality to you.

Save Time, Lose More Fat With Interval Training!Forget long, slow, mind-numbing workouts. This supercharged training style calls for you to crank up the intensity dial with short, sharp bursts of activity (30 seconds max effort; i.e. sprint) and then ease back for a minute or two of active recovery (low intensity; i.e. walk/slow jog).

THE PAYOFF: Unlike ‘steady-state’ exercise, this stop-start technique boosts your fat-burning metabolism which continues to burn calories long after your workout's over. The result? A fat-free belly in half the time. This form of cardio training caters to all fitness levels and leaves you free to experiment with and create your own ideal work/rest combinations by adjusting them yourself as you continue to build endurance and burn belly fat. Plus you'll find it easier - mentally and physically - to alternate between going hard and easy - especially if you don't like running!

Instead of focusing on crunches, use compound exercises to increase metabolism and burn belly fat

PONDER THIS: How many times have you seen the ad's for six-pack gadgets that zero-in on your midsection and promise incredible results in just 20 minutes a day? If you're like me, more than a few. Unsurprisingly however, when you break down these 'quick-fix' marketing gimmicks and examine the fine print, they all violate the body's unwritten rules for effective and permanent fat loss. After all, if learning getting abs was as easy as they say, wouldn't we all be sporting a fat-free belly by now?

Couple performing abdominal exercises at homeTo understand how to get abs at home you need to first understand how the body burns fat. The truth is, no matter how many crunches you perform daily in the hope of sculpting the perfect 6 pack, you won't shift that stubborn roll around your middle.

THE SCIENCE: The failure of the crunch/sit-up shows us that the body burns calories uniformly - NOT from the 'targeted' trouble spot over your stomach. Moreover, isolation exercises (which only work one muscle group), like the ab-crunch, fail to recruit large number of metabolically active muscle fibers which prove critical in aiding your fight against the flab.

THE SOLUTION: Ditch your abdominal exercise arsenal and instead look to save time and accelerate total-body fat loss by harnessing the power of large, multi-muscle exercise moves which use your own bodyweight as resistance. Great exercise examples include step-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, dips & chin-ups. In fact, combining just few of these multi-muscle moves with a short stint of interval training creates a belly-busting workout you can do anywhere, anytime!


Checkout this video from fat-loss guru Craig Ballantyne who gives you the low-down on the best cardio and bodyweight exercises to transform your belly.

Workouts You Can Do To Get 6-Pack Abs At Home!


Increase your metabolic rate by pairing your upper and lower body exercises together

Young, healthy couple showing off their abs on the beachIT'S A FACT: Everyone possesses their own unique set of six-pack muscles, each uniquely shaped by genetic factors. However, if you can't see them, don't blame your parents. Instead, blame the stubborn layer of blubber that keeps them in hiding.

To strip away this fatty layer, it’s a wise move to gear each of your at-home workouts to capitalise on the body’s natural fat burning abilities. One highly-effective way to achieve this is to pair your upper-body and lower-body exercise moves together to create an added cardiovascular boost.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Otherwise known as a peripheral heart action, the science behind this effect causes your oxygen-rich blood to be ‘shunted’ from one area of the body to another which, in turn, boosts exercise intensity and raises your heart rate which forces your body to burn more calories for energy. It's simple: Apply this principle during your workouts and start looking forward to the beach sooner.

Don't underestimate the power of your diet to support your journey to six pack abs

Helathy food versus fast foodIf you still can’t see your abs despite your best workout efforts, there may be a simple explanation. No matter how much exercise time you devote to whittling down that fatty layer, a less-than-stellar diet is a sure-fire way to keep your six-pack in hiding.

With temptations lurking around every corner, getting a washboard stomach from home means thinking twice about what the food that passes your lips. THE SOLUTION: Think A.B.S (literally). With each letter we have assigned a practical nutritional rule to whip your belly into shape. Combine each and stick to them everyday and that spare tyre won't stand a chance!

Focus on eating a diverse selection of healthy foods which are high in protein and low in saturated fatThink starving yourself is the key to permanent gut reduction? Think again. While you may lose weight at first, fasting actually decreases the activity of enzymes that release fat from the cells. The fix? Fulfilling your appetite and stoking your metabolism with small, regular meals throughout the day. Stock up your pantry with these power foods:

Nuts, Eggs, Whole grain bread (Pita), Rice, Cereal & Pasta, Oatmeal, Lean Meats (chicken breast, extra-lean mince, beef & pork) Seafood (shellfish, tuna, salmon & sardines), Low-Fat Dairy (yoghurt, cheese & milk), Sweet potatoes, Vegetables (spinach, broccoli, peas & peppers) & Fresh Fruit (mango's, apples, berries, tomatoes, peaches & citrus).

Cut back your consumption of fast food to cut your risk of disease and your shrink your bellyDon't worry. We're not talking about going cold turkey here. The most important thing with any eating plan is to have fun. If you completely cut-out the foods you love, you won't enjoy it. The fix? Keep your motivation and your waistline in-check by occasionally splurging. Go ahead, have that slice of pizza or that extra scoop of ice-cream - just don't overdo it!

The best drinks to lose belly fat include water, green tea, black coffee and fruit smoothiesStill sucking down those cans of cola? Switch up your soda for a portable water bottle instead. Unlike sweetened soda which comes loaded with sugar and empty calories that settle around your middle, water can actually boost your fat-melting motor (metabolism) by a whopping 30%. Keeping it cold maximises this effect as your body uses energy to warm it up before it can be absorbed.

To get abs from your home, you need to follow a set of step-by-step instructions

While the tips and strategies here are foolproof, if you're serious about getting abs from home you need an action plan to guide you every step of the way. This is where the The Truth About Abs Program reveals it's power to you.

WHAT TO EXPECT > Supercharged belly-busting workout plans...quick, easy & delicious meal plans...eating & enjoying the foods you love...the motivation to stay on much more. Consider this program your must-have manual to achieve the sexy, sculpted stomach you've always wanted.

MOTIVATED YET? GREAT! Take the entire program for a 60 day test-drive and watch your belly begin to shrink before you continue. What have you got to lose? Aside from that spare tyre. Click the banner below to get started!

Learn how to get abs from your own home, no gym needed!